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Santa Clara, California


Franck Mansion (c. 1905)

1115 Lafayette (c. 1913)

690 Jackson (c. 1930)

1464 Lexington (c. 1915)

Harris-Lass House Museum (1865)

Morse Mansion (1892)

Fremont Park

July, 2005

Fremont Park's childrens play area is now open. This long awaited opening follows a prolonged period of construction that started fall of 2004. Many residents have expressed concerns that the play area was closed for so long. Overall the new play area is being well received.

Simultaneous with the opening of the children's park, a large part of the park appears to have been subsumed into a Senior Citizens Center building expandsion project. The scope, duration, and final impact to the public park area is not known. Residents should contact the City of Santa Clara with any questions or concerns about the ongoing park construction, and the extent to which additional portions of the the park may be repurposed for non-general public use.

School Fire

Sunday, Feb 22, 2004
The fire at Buchser Middle School started at approximately noon on Sunday. The fire began in the science wing of the school. The 911 call was made by a Buchser teacher who smelled the smoke while he was working in another classroom in the science wing. The fire spread to several other buildings in that are of the campus, specifically to two wings which house special education programs. In all, 8-12 classrooms have been lost. Firefighters plan to be on sight all night, watching for hot spots and putting out sparks which continue to ignite. Fire investigators plan to be on site Monday morning. At this time, no speculation about the source of the fire has been made.

Students will resume school tomorrow morning (Monday), having been on mid-winter break this past week. photos provided by Monica Coriz

Elise DeYoung
Buchser PTSA President


Santa Clara Historic Ordinance

A new Ordinance recognizing the historic heart of Santa Clara is being considered by the city.

New Commemorative Santa Clara History Book

A Place of Promise
A Place of Promise
covers 150 years of Santa Clara history from 1852-2002. Many never before published paintings, diagrams, photographs, and texts from Santa Clara's past are now available in this 190 page high quality hardbound volume. Copies can be ordered from ...
City of Santa Clara Planning Office
1500 Warburton Avenue
Santa Clara, CA 95050
(408) 615-2450

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