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The Old Quad
Santa Clara, California


Mission Santa Clara

Charles Copeland Morse Home

Harris Lass Museum

George Sullivan Home

Lewis Gardner Home

H.L. Warburton Home

photos © City of Santa Clara

Jamison-Brown House


This site is a volunteer supported effort to post upcoming events, news, and resources useful to members of the Old Quad area of Santa Clara, California, one of the oldest settlements on the West Coast.

Questions, suggestions, comments, and corrections regarding this site should be sent to info@oldquad.org


Where is the Old Quad?

The boundaries for the Old Quad are Scott Street to Newhall Street, Newhall street to the RR tracks and the RR tracks to Scott street. It is a strangely shaped area. The Old Quad takes its name from, and includes the area covered in, the first survey of the Town of Santa Clara made in 1866 by J. J. Bowen - the original quadrangle.

Many years ago the City recognized an area as being the Old Quad that did not consider the area north of El Camino Real as being historic or having historic properties. It was a purely political not factual decision. This is no longer true.

- Lorie Garcia
  Santa Clara City Historian

Proposed Santa Clara Historic Distric
Proposed Santa Clara Historic District

Is the Old Quad a Historic District?

The Old Quad is not officially recognized as distinct from other areas of Santa Clara yet. There are efforts under way to recognize portions of the Old Quad as a Historic District. Contact Santa Clara City Hall for the latest information.

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